Single Song Submission: 5€


We love discovering music and have started curating Spotify playlists to showcase classics as well as independent artists that we love!

If you think your track suits one of our playlists, submit it for playlist consideration (please include your track link).


If we like your song we'll add it and might feature you on our weekly Instagram roundups!  

*Note: This is not a paid placement, the placement in the playlist is FREE. The 5€ is a donation to enable us to keep these playlists going. We will review your song and only add it if it suits our playlists.

Bulk Deal (Rush Order): 12€



We know that sometimes timing is everything. Submit up to 3 songs and hear back within 48 hours. By using this form you can make sure we'll listen to your songs first!

Please include your track links for playlist consideration. If we like your songs we'll add them!  

*Note: This is not a paid placement, the placement in the playlist is FREE. The 12€ is a donation to enable us to keep these playlists going. We will review your song and only add it if it suits our playlists.



Here at Marble Collective we love good music and discovering new artists. We come from an independent artist background ourselves and know how difficult it is to get your music out there. That's why we started this Collective.

We are striving to create a platform that is 

- organic (no bots or fake streams)

- honest (we always give feedback to our submissions)

- transparent

We actually listen to every submission & try to help independent artists, however, there is no guarantee your submission will be added if it doesn't fit the playlist style / standard. If a song performs well, we will keep it on the playlist indefinitely - if it doesn't we might remove it.

It is very important to us to make our playlists as good as possible, also keeping the listening experience of our playlist followers in mind.

All donations go back into advertisement costs in order to grow our playlists bigger and help independent artists reach a wider audience.​

OUR PLAYLISTS & what music we're looking for

Feelgood Folk 2.jpg

Feelgood Folk

For this playlist we're looking for upbeat folky tunes, generally of a "pop" variety. Most commonly based around acoustic guitar (sometimes piano) and a 4 on the floor kick style. Think Lumineers, Vance Joy, George Ezra.

Yoga & Meditation Music Instagram.jpg

Yoga & Meditation

The most common element on this playlist is ambient synths. Sometimes easy-listening acoustic guitars or piano. It's entirely instrumental and it's important that the music (melodies) isn't too busy (limited amount of percussion).

Coastal Folk

This playlist is similar to our 'Feelgood Folk' playlist but less poppy and more melancholic. Most commonly based around finger-picking acoustic guitar and usually with an ocean vibe. Influenced by artists such as Xavier Rudd. 

All About the Hooks Indie

This playlist is similar to our 'Indie Folk Finds' playlist. We like up-beat folk tracks that aren't especially poppy production wise, but have really strong and catchy sing along melodies. 

Alternative Roadtrip

Ambient elements - lots of reverb and lush guitars - sitting somewhere in between rock & folk. We're open for softer easy going tracks as well as songs that have a harder edge. We're looking for a not so poppy alternative vibe.

Tea Time_Instagram.jpg

Singer-Songwriter Tea Time

This playlist consists mostly of heart-felt ballad style pop songs.

We usually lean towards stripped down productions with a pop mix. These tunes are most often based around piano or guitar. 

Fresh Rock.jpg

Fresh Rock

On 'Fresh Rock' we're looking for new rock music, generally of the hard (but not heavy) variety. We are open to a lot of different rock influences but of a modern sound.

Indie Folk Finds

This folk playlist of ours is the least "poppy"- we are open for more raw, heartfelt productions. This one is all about that indie vibe. Songs are most commonly based around, but not limited to, acoustic guitar.  

Alt-Pop Favourites

For this playlist, the song's mix is really important to us. We're looking for catchy pop style tracks with a big and thick radio mix. We generally lean towards guitar or piano based tracks with sample beats and big in-your-face vocals. Pop songs with an alternative twist.

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